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Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Loudspeaker Set For September Australian Release

Bowers & Wilkins’ 800 D3 loudspeaker, the flagship model in its 800 Series Diamond range, is set to arrive in the Australian market in September.

The 800 D3 is decked out with two 10” Aerofoil bass drivers, optimised for linearity and low distortion, utilising “a unique carbon fibre construction for an even stiffer, more pistonic cone”.


The drivers also feature a higher specification motor assembly, with upgraded magnets for increased control and crossover improvements, offering “a considerable upgrade over the 802 D3 in terms of performance”.

The drivers’ dust caps are an enhanced version of the component found on the 802 D3 and 803 D3, formed from a sandwich construction consisting of carbon fibre and the same syntactic foam as the Aerofoil cone itself.

“This further reduces dust-cap resonances and is one of the many apparently minor developments and tweaks that represent the incredible attention to detail on the no-stone-unturned 800 D3,” Bowers & Wilkins states.

Deploying the same size continuum cone, turbine head and solid-body tweeter assembly as the 802 D3, the 800 D3’s “improved crossovers and capacitors combine to raise the level of these vital areas in order to better match the 800 D3’s excellent bass performance”.

bowers1“These innovations, when teamed with improvements to a series as a whole, such as dramatically stiffer cabinets, a more robust Matrix bracing system that involves thicker slats, and the thoughtful application of aluminium and steel bracing where it is more required, means the new 800 D3 represents the nirvana of reference quality sound,” Bowers & Wilkins states.

“Obviously there is more bass weight on offer, but the key acoustic character of the new 800 D3 is both its effortlessness and accuracy. There are incredibly insightful levels of accuracy in the bass output, and when compared to the already outstanding 802 D3, low frequency drive unit distortion is 10 dB less.”

Bowers & Wilkins states that, when compared to the outgoing 800 Diamond, there is also a dramatically improved sense of scale, with the 800 D3 “capable of effortlessly rendering a full-size symphony orchestra in all its glory” due to the extra scale available and the improved knitting together of the four drive units, along with the extra resolution and detail that they deliver.

The 800 D3 will be available through authorised 800 Series Diamond stockists, priced at $44,900 RRP per pair, with the 800 Series Diamond available in piano gloss black, satin white and rosenut finishes, and coming with a five-year warranty.

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