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Bose Plans To Launch Open Ear Clips At CES

Bose Open Ear Clips TWS

Bose has developed what it calls Open Ear Clips as a new practical way of delivering sound directly to your ears without, hopefully, the blighters falling out.

Further, they are stylish enough to even double as high tech earrings. Does the model in the photo really need to wear small pierced rings? They look redundant.

The American audio company has included what seems a practical disk shaped controller which could prove miles better than tentatively swiping up and down an earbud to control volume and track selection.

Bose Open Ear Clips TWS

Bose Open Ear Clips TWS

Naming hasn’t been finalised – the provisional name is Open Ear Clips TWS (true wireless stereo).

Getting earbuds and ear-headphones to fit comfortably and not fall off has proved a huge task for the audio industry.

It’s now eight years since Apple set the pace when it announced the original earbuds as it launched iPhone 7 in 2016. They were cutting-edge and massively successful, but their great flaw was the assumption that they would fit all shapes and sizes of ear lobes. Earbuds would pop out or fall out.

Bose Open Ear Clips TWS

Worst, there are people like me who have different sized ears and need a slightly different solution for each. Otherwise one will fall out even when jogging slowly.

Mysmartprice.com broke the story of Bose’s intention to introduce Open Ear headphones with Open Ear Clips. They will come in white with silver trim. They bare the Bose name and clips are marked as L or R on the inner side, the website says.

Bose Open Ear Clips TWS

The clips have a G-shaped design and fit without obstructing the ear canal, in which case you shouldn’t have your ear headphones being coated in wax.

The report notes they have “somewhat similar architecture” to Huawei Freeclips clip-on headphones.

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