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Bose Accidentally Leak Their Own Headphones

Headphone brand Bose may have accidentally revealed the follow-up to their popular noise-cancelling QC35 headphones earlier than planned, after an image of the unannounced product was included in their regular newsletter to customers.

Seen above, the new headphones include a new pill-shaped button on the left earcup. The inclusion, not found in the current QC35 range, initially tipped sharp-eyed customers off that this might be a new product.

The file name for the image (“email_QC35upgrade_img3.png”) and the timing (the QC35 was announced in June last year) added further fuel to the fire.

It’s unknown at this time what new feature the button would provide easy access to, given the toggles for the product’s noise-cancellation can all be found on the opposite ear cup.

Bose has yet to comment.

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