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BOE Deliver 110″ 8K Monitor With New 3D Technology

Chinese brand BOE have used the ISE conference in Barcelona to reveal a 110″ 8K display with a new take on 3D technology that means you can view it from all angles without needing dedicated glasses.

The monitor pushes forward what’s shaping up to be a trend for monitors this year – QD (Quantum Dot) mini LED backlighting.

Samsung recently announced their Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor which features a 43″ Quantum Mini LED panel. This stands out for its ability to produce deep blacks with minimal glare, comparable to OLED panels.

Now, a tweak of lens tech and the QD Mini LED backlighting brings the 3D effect into play. Plus, the BOE display supports a 120Hz refresh rate as well as 3D viewing from around 1.5m, with the company planning to extend that.

BOE also used ISE to showcase a 162″ PO.9 glass-based active Mini LED monitor with a proprietary full-gray-scale Gamma curve tech which presents clear image even on the darkest screens.

It supports peak brightness of 1000 nits, and has a high contrast ratio as well as a low flicker rate.

Also part of the BOE presentation was a 65″ Mini-LED 8K display with an ultra-thin glass-back design and 3024 Micro-LED local dimming zones.

Adding to their haul was an 86″4K whiteboard display with capacitive and interactive touch capabilities, which supports 20-point touch and a 178° viewing angle.

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