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BOE Announce Fastest Gaming Display Ever At 500Hz

BOE are pushing gaming monitors to the max, announcing a full HD 27″ unit with a refresh rate of 500Hx. It comes equipped with an 8-lane eDP connection, 1ms response time and true 8-bit colour gamut support.

This high refresh rate comes via a high-mobility backplane being integrated into the screen.

The previous fastest screen was the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG 259QNR.

This all results in smoother performance all-round, but especially for gamers, so if you have a graphics card installed that has enough power to back it up, you’ll benefit from higher frames per second as well as reduced input lag.

Still, while that’s all exciting, Full HD means it will only offer 1080p resolution, while other monitors revealed at CES 2022 – such as the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 offer 4K resolution and still manage 240Hx refresh rate.

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