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B&O Play Releasing Splash And Dust Resistant E8 Earbuds

B&O Play is set to release a new set of earbuds, the splash and dust resistant Beoplay E8.

Each earpiece has a 5.7mm dynamic speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer, NFMI technology and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing that allows for dynamic sound tuning and sound without interruption.

Beoplay E8 delivers up to four hours of music on one charge, for two additional charges on the move simply snap the earpieces into the pocket-friendly charging case. Once clicked in via its magnets, the earbuds charge immediately.

To use, take the earphones out of its leather charging case, tap on the aluminium encircled touch interface and you are set up to listen to music, switch between tracks, take calls, and activate Transparency Mode and voice commands.

B&O Play have designed these earbuds so everything can be controlled via the device so users don’t have to keep on referring to their smartphones.

John Mollanger, CEO at B&O Play says, “Beoplay E8 is the perfect companion for everyone, who don’t want to trade in sound and design for true wireless freedom. It is designed to sit beautifully in your ear as a discreet and stylish technology statement and comes with a sound that is full-bodied and precise in its soundstage.”

Beoplay E8 comes with an audio-transparency feature called Transparency Mode, which lets users decide how much of the outside world they want to hear. Transparency Mode lets users remain connected to colleagues in the office space while listening to music.

Users can also download the Beoplay app to control the earphones and to fine tune their listening experience via ToneTouch.

Beoplay E8 comes complete with a premium leather charging case, five ear tips and charging cable in black and charcoal sand retailing $449. It will be available online, in-store and at third-party retailers from October 12.

Separate Beoplay E8 left and right earphones retails for $199, and a charging case is available for $149 online only.




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