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Its Official: Australians Are Tablet Addicts

Its Official: Australians Are Tablet Addicts   The number of hours Aussies spend on iPads and other tablets has overtaken the time we spend watching TV, research by Canstar Blue shows. 

Just one third (31%) of households now own a tablet, even though some houses own multiple TV’s. 
Tab users spend an average of two hours a day (128mins), or 15 hours a week, according to a study of 800 device owners. 
By comparison, the average Aussie spends under two hours a say in front of the telly (or 13 hours a week). 
50% even take their tablet to bed with them, using their device before nodding off.  
“Tablet computers have changed the way we spend our leisure time; browsing the net wherever we want, downloading and listening to music, streaming our favourite programs or playing games,” says Greg Abbey from Canstar Blue. 
“More than five million people enjoy the benefits of convenience, control and flexibility, making it easy to understand why the time we spend on tablets rivals – and in many households overtakes – our TV time.”
Nearly a quarter of respondents also say their tablet has replaced their laptop or desktop. 
Samsung and Apple both achieved Canstar awards for tablet customer satisfaction, so shoppers should keep these brands in mind when it comes to Christmas this year, says Abbey. 
More than a quarter of respondents would purchase a replacement tablet if a new model was launched.