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Belkin Re-Enter Audio Market With Rockstar Headphones

Belkin, better known for its 35 years in 35 years’ experience in designing cables, has made its return to the audio market with the Rockstar Headphones with Lightning Connector, plus a USB-C version for Android.

Belkin’s first, and as they claim, ‘not last foray into audio in several years’ is through the Rockstar Headphones, available for $69.95 in either white or black from their website.

Rather than aim for the premium end, the Belkin Rockstar headphones have been designed for everyday use, though are certainly not at the bottom of the barrel by any means.

Comfortable and convenient, the three included tips can be tailored to your ear, and serve to actively direct the sound towards your eardrum.

The Rockstar headphones are sweat and splash resistance, making them suitable for the morning run and workouts.

A durable, flat and lightweight design helps to prevent tangling inside your pocket or bag and comes with Belkin’s guaranteed durability.

Inbuilt cable management is also added to keep the excess cable out of your way, which also doubles to better position the in-line microphone for simple, hands-free calling.

The Rockstar headphones bring MFi certification for peace of mind, with a USB-C version for Android users.


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