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BBC’s Video Streaming Service BritBox To Launch In Australia

BritBox Australia launch

BBC Studios has announced plans to launch its ad-free subscription video-on-demand streaming service BritBox in Australia later this year. They have not yet announced a price point for the Australian market.

BritBox offers the biggest range of British dramas, comedies, documentaries and lifestyle shows in HD, including The Office (UK version), Black Adder, Call The Midwife, Bancroft, Vera and Endeavour.

In addition to having British-made favourites, BritBox will also feature exclusive content made by British production companies.

Like other streaming services, these programmes will be available on the web, mobile, tablet, connected TVs and Chromecast.

Operated as a 50:50 joint venture between ITV and BBC Studios, BritBox will offer both classic and modern British box sets.

BritBox launched in North America in March 2017 and surpassed initial projections, with more than 1 million subscribers. It launched in the UK in November 2019, and BBC and ITV have said they are considering rolling it out in additional territories in the future.

The service will be recruiting a local team and a country manager to lead its operations in Australia.

BBC Studios itself makes around 2500 hours of content per year.

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