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Bang & Olufsen’s New Fully Aluminium Speaker

Bang & Olufsen have launched a new version of its Beosound A5 Bluetooth speaker, which looks just like a picnic basket. The new version, however, is wrapped entirely in aluminium.

The look is being called ‘Spaced Aluminium’ and the company have said the cover can be swapped around with the other two finishes, Nordic Weave and Dark Oak.

The design of the Spaced Aluminium version uses an array of 3,500 individual aluminium discs to form the speaker grille.

Usually, the grilles are made with circular patterns which are the cutouts, and that part is acoustically transparent. With the Spaced Aluminium cover, it’s the opposite. Two layer of aluminium give the illusions the discs are floating, and the sound is channeled through the spaces in between.

The new Beosound A5 is also identical to the speaker launched by B&O earlier this year, with 280W power, IP65 water and dust protection, a rechargeable battery with 12 hours playtime, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity, and a wireless charger built into the top surface.

The company are also adding two new features. Beginning November, the user will be able to automatically stereo pair two A5 speakers that are physically close to each other.

In 2024, B&O will also release the Fluid Sweet Spot feature, which can alter the sound output of the two speakers for the optimized listening position determined by the phone. For this, the user will need an iPhone 11 or newer, as well as a stereo paired set of Beosound A5s.

This feature was first introduced in September when the Beolab 8 speaker debuted, however the company hadn’t decided on a name for it.

The Beosound A5 speakers can be purchased now from the official B&O website, retailing for $2,550.00 AUD each, or $3,900.00 AUD for a pair. The finishes available are Spaced Aluminium, Nordic Weave, and Dark Oak.

B&O’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Michael Henriksson said, “We have worked with different circular patterns across our speaker grille designs for many years. It has become a signature, but this is a brand-new style. We’ve got a rich history in aluminium, and we’re intrigued by our past. Aluminium is a timeless material that ages gracefully and reflects our values for creating products that last.”

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