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Bang & Olufsen Unveils Atmos Beosound Stage Soundbar

Bang & Olufsen has unveiled the Dolby Atmos capable Beosound Stage, its first soundbar.

Of course, being Bang & Olufsen, this isn’t just any old soundbar.

Designed in collaboration with Danish studio NORM Architects, it’s available in natural aluminium, bronze tone aluminium or smoked oak.

The soundbar frame runs all the way around the speaker and houses an integrated engraved sensory control panel.

The natural and bronze tone frames are made from a single piece of forged aluminium, with no visible seams.

The smoked oak version features traditionally crafted dovetail joints, reflecting Scandinavian cabinetry.

The bar, which serves Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth, is a three channel design, sporting eleven speaker drivers, each driven by its own 50-watt amplifier.

There’s no subwoofer, or upfiring Dolby-enabled drivers.

Instead, the left and right sides of the speaker are said to be optimized to deliver 3D sound.

Listening modes comprise TV, Music, Movie and Night Listening.

These can be fine-tuned using ToneTouch, a Bang & Olufsen equalizer.

“We created Beosound Stage as a powerful soundbar that doesn’t rely on a subwoofer or satellites to create an immersive experience.

“The first time you hear Beosound Stage, the impact of the deep, powerful sound hits you immediately, and the simple minimalistic Scandinavian design makes it stand out like a piece of furniture.

It is simply clean, elegant and powerful”, explains Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen, Vice President of Product Management at Bang & Olufsen.

Local pricing and release still to be confirmed.

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