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HTC Releases New U11+ Smartphone

The president of HTC Chialin Chang announced the new HTC U11+ smartphone. President Chang is pleased with the announcement, and also specified that next year HTC will be going back to the dual-camera smartphone area.

“We will definitely be releasing a dual-camera phone next year, but we’ll need to figure out how to make this feature stand out,” President Chialin Chang said.

The new HTC U11+ has a 6 inche size as opposed to 5.5 inches on the last model. It has better battery life and Android 8 Oreo for upgraded security, and a 2880 x 1440 display guaranteed to support HDR10 video software updates.

The smartphone will be fitted with water-resistant protection and will support the latest in wireless audio technology. Fitted with Bluetooth 5 Qualcomm’s AptX HD, and Sony’s LDAC.

Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported and both can be used with the HTC Edge Sense squeezing action. Consumers will be able to program two voice assistants for their phone which gives them more freedom. According to the Verge the new U11+ is set to be one of the best android phone of 2017.


The HTC U11+ smartphone will be the last smartphone HTC will release before Google changes the layout and protection of future HTC products. Originally HTC designed the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, however Google only kept the Pixel 2 and sent the XL to a different manufacture for cheaper production costs, after investing in HTC.

Since Google has invested in the Taiwanese manufacturer, with $1.1 billion dollars to establish and acquire a new mobile team. Google will be overseeing more smartphone releases from HTC next year.

It is unclear if the new U11+ will sell in the Australian Market, but it is set for the Asia and Europe markets at the moment. It is available for purchase from November 20th in the U.K and will be priced at $699. Equipped with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It will only come in ceramic black, at least until next year when the translucent version of the phone will be available.

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