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Australians Subject To Face Recognition Surveillance

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has warned that Australians are being monitored by face-recognition technology like that used by Chinese authorities to oppress the Uyghur Muslim minority, as detailed in the ABC’s Four Corners report on July 15.

EFA chair Lyndsey Jackson said such facial recognition systems are already being rolled out in Australia.

Queensland Police deployed facial recognition during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, ostensibly to protect against terrorism, but it immediately started being used for general policing, according to EFA.

“Stadiums Queensland continues to use facial recognition at its venues. Perth Council is pushing ahead with its own facial recognition trial, despite opposition from local residents,” EFA adds.

“And Australian federal authorities are actively seeking to build a system, disturbingly called The Capability, to use facial recognition across all of Australia.”

As CDN reported last month, Darwin is also talking about using the technology.

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