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Australian Outfits Not Ready For Industry 4.0, Says Optus

Optus has published a white paper based on a survey of 285 Australian enterprises, saying it shows them to be under-estimating the speed, scale and impact of the next industrial revolution.

The paper is titled Enterprise 4.0 – The Blueprint for Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Optus says Australian enterprises have not yet transformed digitally to compete against the platform-based, data-intensive, capital-light new breeds. 

“The most significant gaps we found were cultural, capability and operational differences in the areas of: data, analytics and algorithms; interfaces and scalable processes; real-time dashboards and employee management; and experimentation and risk taking,” the paper notes. 

Optus Business MD John Paitaridis said Australian enterprises need to be ready for the disruption of agile, fast-adapting overseas competitors.

“Organisations and their workforces must be more connected, predictive and self-learning to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he warned. 

“Businesses must leverage the emerging technologies, form the right partnerships, harness their human talent and be prepared to adapt and step outside of the traditional organisational model. – Stuart Corner

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