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Australia Will Have To Wait For Amazon’s The Grand Tour

Amazon’s new motoring show from the former presenters of Top Gear will launch in 200 countries next month, at least two weeks after Friday’s premiere of the show in five countries.

The Grand Tour, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, will launch first for Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and Austria. Other countries will have to wait until an unspecified launch date sometime in December, including some countries where Prime subscriptions are already available to customers like France, Italy and Spain.

Clarkson, May and Hammond announced the news in a video posted to YouTube and Facebook.

Following the buzz around the show’s announcement earlier this year, Amazon initially avoided confirming any details of how viewers outside the company’s market would access the show. Rumours had suggested the company could potentially join existing Amazon shows on Stan, or be broadcast on Foxtel or one of the free-to-air networks.

The Grand Tour is an ambitious project for Amazon, with the show costing £160 million ($266 million) over three seasons.

New episodes of the show will be available each Friday, instead of a single binge-ready release. Once the show launches in Australia and other countries next month, viewers will be able to catch up on the previously released episodes.

It remains unclear what content Amazon will offer alongside The Grand Tour, with details of pricing also not confirmed. More details are set to be released by Amazon prior to the services launch next month.

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