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Australia Must Be A Top Tier Innovator By 2030, Says ISA

Australia Must Be A Top Tier Innovator By 2030, Says ISA

Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) – an independent body responsible for advising the Government on science, research and innovation matters – has released a review of the Australian Innovation, Science and Research System 2016, saying Australia is lagging behind international competitors in key areas and much work must be done to break into the top-tier of innovation nations.

ISA chair Bill Ferris, pictured, said the challenge of getting Australia into the top tier of innovation nations by 2030 must be a significant national priority. “As a nation we’re good at creating knowledge but simply not good enough at transferring or applying it,” Ferris said.

“In both our number of researchers per capita and the proportion of highly-cited publications we produce, we sit in the top 10 internationally. We are, however, performing relatively poorly in transferring that knowledge and ultimately applying it.”

ISA says its review establishes a new performance framework that conceptualises the information systems research (ISR) system as comprised of interactions between actors (including businesses, investors, researchers and policymakers) and enablers (money, skills, networks, policy, infrastructure and culture) to produce innovation outcomes. – Stuart Corner

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