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Aussies Used Pandemic To Clean & Upgrade Home With Smart Tech, Samsung Says

Samsung has released a new report revealing how the relationship between Australians and their homes changed during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020.

As Aussies were forced to spend more quality time at home, Samsung says people became more social within their households and invested in more technology to make the home more comfortable.

The biggest trends Samsung found included the fact television watching became a more communal experience, with 28% of households watching TV together more often in 2020.

Australians also spent a whopping 37 hours a week in front of the television, and it was found the average Aussie household has 2.7 televisions – with 30% of TVs now in the bedroom.

The report also found one-in-four Australians spent more time cleaning, while a third of Millennials were cleaning more – on average 7.3 hours a week

And 27% of Aussies are now doing a deep clean weekly; more prominent amongst 18-24 year olds (40%) who were out cleaning their parents (16%, 55 to 75 year olds).

“With our commitment to understanding Australians since the first report in 2015, we are well placed to share insights about how the role of technology has evolved. Australians have rethought and reshaped how they live their life around the home, whether it’s work, learning, entertaining or connecting. They are spending more time in the home and rely on it as a sanctuary to do more and provide solutions to new challenges we face,” explained Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.

“This turbulent time has also proved to be a generational leveller with younger and older Australians alike. Baby Boomers flocked online to socialise through platforms like House Party and Zoom, switched to banking and grocery shopping online, and downloaded apps. At the same time, Millennials and Gen Z found peace and enjoyment from preparing meals and nesting at home – cleaning, reorganising, and making their living spaces their sanctuaries,” continued Mr Senior.

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