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ACMA Claims Telco Customer Service Needs Work

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released the first report of its kind to focus on customer performance data from Australia’s top five telcos in the period 2017-18.

The ACMA is using the information gleaned to provide a baseline for future reports and assist with its industry monitoring and compliance activities.

Of the 88 million enquiries made in the period, the average wait times to reach a customer service professional lasted from 51 seconds to over 4 minutes and depending on the telco, between 60-86% of enquiries were resolved on the first contact.

ACMA believes the top telcos’ performances could be improved.

“We consider telcos can be doing more to give their customers a consistently good customer service experience,” said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

“It is clear some consumers are waiting too long for their calls to be answered. In fact, some consumers are abandoning their calls before they can speak to anyone about their issues. And those who do get through don’t always have their issue resolved at first contact.”

Fig1 png

Total customer contacts (millions), by quarter

Telco E, for instance, had the longest wait times, highest abandonment rates, but the highest percentage of first-time call resolutions.

Indicating that their customer service team takes their time to resolve each enquiry, but sacrifices callers in the meantime.

Telcos are required, under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, to keep average wait times to a minimum and aim to resolve enquiries on the first contact.

Three of the five telcos had an average call wait time of under two minutes and four of the five telcos had an average call abandonment rate of less than 10 per cent over the period.

Phone enquiries are still the most popular form of contact (80%), but webchat enquiries have increased in popularity over the year period (15%).

Social media (2.7%) and email (1.5%) remain the least popular channels.

Find out more about the report here.

Fig2 png

Customer contact by channel (%), by quarter

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