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Aussies Spent $2,628 Each Through Online Retailers Last Year

Aussies spent a record amount through e-commerce retailers last year, with the average citizen putting $2,628 worth of products through their online cart.

This is according to spending data from market research company Euromonitor, who monitor sales from more than 400 retailers across 12 countries.

Online skincare sales accounted for $1.1 billion in 2022, while alcohol was estimated at $707.6 million.

In total, Aussies spent $68.01 billion online during the twelve months.

“In Australia, post-pandemic consumers are becoming more mindful of their product choices, origin, and the environmental cost of their food,” explains Tim Foulds, the head of insights at Euromonitor International, said.

“They also seek budgetary options in the short to medium term.”

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