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Aussies Spent $21.3 Billion Online Shopping Last Year

Australia Post’s annual Inside Online Shopping Report reveals Aussies spent $21.3 billion online shopping last year – a whopping 80% of the figure has reportedly gone to local vendors.

Reflecting the continued growth of online shopping, the results mark an 18.7% year-on-year increase.

May to June proved the most lucrative months, excluding the busy November to December Christmas and holiday period.

E-commerce revenue soared 32.2% YoY between May and June, with extended EOFY sales claimed the driver.

Australia Post General Manager, Ben Franzi, affirms increased marketplace adoption has catapulted local e-commerce growth.

‘Buy now, pay later’ apps such as Afterpay are also credited for the boom.

Franzi claims marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon have grown ~74% in the last year alone.

“Australians really appreciate the convenience of being able to access goods from a variety of sellers in the one location,” Franzi asserts.

Global online e-commerce revenue reportedly soared 46.7% in 2017, notching above A$2 trillion.

Franzi forecasts global e-commerce revenue to hit US$2.16 trillion by 2019, which represents a “huge opportunity for Australian retailers”.

Fashion was the most ‘online shopped’ category last year, followed by healthy and beauty (jumping 13.2%), and homewares and appliances (climbing 10.9%).

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