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Aussies Flock to Boost Mobile After Optus Outage

As a result of yesterday’s extensive Optus network outage, Boost Mobile experienced a higher influx than average sales, which was a record for the world’s largest youth-focused telco brand.

Boost also saw a twofold increase in its website traffic from Australians. Many of these new customers chose Boost’s long-life product, which offers unlimited talk & text and a large amount of data for a year at less than $20 per day on the largest network in Australia.

As Jason Haynes, General Manager of Boost Mobile, points out, the sales increase triggered by the outage indicates that Australians can readily switch their service providers and that they do not have to wait for major issues or inconveniences to investigate their options.

“This is a wake-up call that you don’t need to be with the same company you’ve always been with, and it’s a great time to shop around,” said Haynes.

Jason Haynes, General Manager of Boost Mobile

Boost had initiated a national study that uncovered 64% of those surveyed have been with their current network provider for three years or more, while 12% was around two years and above.

Over in the young demographic of 25–34-year-olds, those surveyed jump around a bit more compared to older generations, with the survey uncovering that 59% were still with the same company they were with three years ago.

According to respondents, they said good network coverage (46%) is most important, but they also want a name brand, which is a good network provider. Price was also an important factor at 44%, chased by data allowance for 27% of those surveyed.

Moreover, the data showed that most new customers who joined the leading prepaid provider in Australia preferred 12-month contracts that gave them access to the entire Telstra mobile network for less than $20 per month. These plans allowed Australians to buy their data in bulk and use it as they needed, along with unlimited national talk and text, and ample international call and text options.

Haynes said that Boost goes to “bat for them every day”, which is part of the culture of the Australian-owned business, which has been around for over 23 years.

“We don’t take our customers for granted, and [we] are always fighting to provide a better product, better experience, and better service,” Haynes asserted.

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