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Aussie Outfits To Spend More On Biz Transformation: Telsyte

SYDNEY: Despite the ongoing pandemic, Australian organisations are looking to business transformation to improve employee systems, according to a new Telsyte report.

Indeed Telsyte reckons that, despite Covid-19 – or maybe because of it – most Aussie outfits are planning to increase spending by five percent this year.

Over the next 12 months it predicts investment will shift to workplace modernisation (75pc), data analytics (72pc) cloud (68pc), modernising business applications (66pc), and cybersecurity (66pc).

Another big mover as more people work from home is improving employee productivity and engagement, which is increasingly driven by technology, Telsyte says.

Already, it reckons more than half of Australian organisations have launched “transformation” initiatives to prepare for future disruption, both from new competitors and disruptions like the current pandemic.

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