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Aussie Broadband Launches 1000Mbps NBN – With Qualifications

SYDNEY: Never one to miss a chance at delivering high-speed Internet, Morwell, Victoria-based Aussie Broadband says it plans to hitch a ride on NBN Co’s new 1000/50 gee-gee from tomorrow, May 29.

Gamesters and other looking for top speeds should not necessarily expect to be saying theNet at the full 1000Mbps – as always a lot depends on the fibre carrying the signal, how many other NBN-ers are madly downloading, and a number of other factors.

Aussie Broadband reckons 800-900Mbps should be available for most of the day, and suggests 250Mbps should be regarded as the baseline in those extra-heavy evening spells.

Aussie Broadband MD Phillip Britt says the new plan will initially be released for all fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) set-is as well as some of the HTC network.

The company says residential customers on its existing 250/25 plan will be automatically be migrated onto the 1000/50 unlimited plan – for a start, it’s cheaper –  unless for some reason they want to stick to their current plan.

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