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Audeze Announces Limited Edition Maxwell Ultraviolet Gaming Headset For Xbox

Microsoft’s big Activision Blizzard win is likely to encourage third party manufacturers to create more “Designed for Xbox” equipment as its gaming ecosystem expands.

That trend had already begun with planar magnetic technology specialist Audeze’s Maxwell headsets.

The company has now announced  a “Designed for Microsoft” limited edition Maxwell Ultraviolet Edition Gaming Headset that not only looks spectacular, but also claims a big bag of advanced audio features.

The limited edition headset has a turquoise to crimson colour transition on the earcups and headband created using electroplating.

Audeze Planar Magnetic technology

There’s also a big array of audio features. The planar magnetic technology uses different methodology to create sound compared to conventional dynamic drivers. It is billed as offering a wider frequency. (The planar magnetic concept has a link to space with planar magnetic structures in solar wind.)

There’s spatial audio support, ultra-low latency wireless with a claimed three times the range of traditional 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth 5.3 with low energy audio to enhance Bluetooth audio quality. Other features include hearing aid support (a feature of LE Audio), high resolution audio up to 24 bits/96kHz, noise reduction and a reinforced chassis built with aluminium and steel. It has a Dolby Atmos licence.

Audeze says the headset offers more than 80 hours of battery life, with 20 minutes of fast charging needed for all day use.

Apart from Xbox, the headset can be used with Windows and Mac systems, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

Preorders are available for $US329 ($A489).



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