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ATO Roll-out MyGov ID On Android Devices

Android will soon join iOS in having access to the myGovID digital identity service as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) sets up to release its application on Google’s operating system next month.

Government services will be accessible on Android devices via an app that is currently in private beta, said Tax Digital communication and identity services business lead, Claire Miller.

Ms Miller revealed the details at a tax professional’s webcast, expecting the app to drop on the Google Play store in October.

The myGovID requires the 100-point ID check to authorise the use of the federal government’s digital identity service.

The ID is used to sign in to online government services from Medicare to the ATO.

To meet the 100-point ID check, users are required to enter or use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan one or more physical identity documents.

Alternatively, documents can be entered manually.

The iOS version was launched back in June after the digital identity systems moved from private to public bata.

The move also involves replacing AUSkey with myGovID and RAM, the Relationship Authorisation Manager that allows users to set up and manage relationships and authorisations across online government services.

The ATO has released an AUSkey migration option for tax agents for a simple transition from the older service, due to be decommissioned in April 2020.

Ms Miller said this transition would require cleanup of existing AUSkey data by tax agents as they can potentially be shared or reused.

Directly importing the data over to the new system ‘will not work’ considering the credential-linked identity process for myGovID.

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