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Asus Launches Professional Gaming House In Oz

Asus Launches Professional Gaming House In Oz

Asus Australia’s inaugural Asus ROG Gaming House will be home to its professional gaming ambassadors Legacy eSports, fostering gaming talent in the move towards professional full-time gamers.

The Asus ROG Gaming House, based in Sydney’s outer suburbs, will be home to five professional League of Legends players, ranging in age from 18 to 23.

The Legacy eSports members are: James “Tallywhacka” Shute in Top Lane, Tim “Carbon” Wendel in Jungle, Aaron “ChuChuZ” Bland in Mid, Calvin “yb” Truong in ADC and Curtis “flyingJoo” Schembri in support, with An “Minkywhale” Trinh as their coach.

Portia Chang, Asus Australia regional director, Australia and New Zealand, stated Asus “will support Legacy eSports in their goal to reach the top in League of Legends from their current ranking of second place in Australia”.

“We are touched by Legacy’s dedication in achieving excellence and we see that Asus and Legacy eSports share the same belief – practice makes perfect,” Chang stated.

“With the same belief, we are committed to supporting the team on the international stage whilst continuously challenging ourselves to make the best gaming products.”

Michael Carmody, Legacy manager, stated Asus’ sponsorship “has been critical in providing key financial foundations” for Legacy’s growth plans.

“An international company such as Asus partnering with a successful OCE esports organisation validates the growth and impact of the esports scene in this country,” Carmody commented.

“The move to a gaming house was to move our players from semi-professional to full-time professional gamers.

“It allows them to focus solely on their performance and development, and this house removes the need for them to worry about the day-to-day affairs, and have a sure foundation for them to reach the pinnacle of their performance.”

Asus is hosting “Play It Cool” on February 4 to celebrate the launch of the house, with the event including a 12-hour League of Legends marathon, with the game to be played continuously on ROG G20 PCs and streamed live on Twitch.

International shoutcaster Chris “Papasmithy” Smith will cast throughout the event along with local caster Jordan “Elfishguy” Mays, while an online competition will be held for fans to win the chance to attend the event and participate in the games throughout the day.

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