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ASUS Introduces WiFi 6E Router Buying Guide

ASUS is releasing a buyer’s guide featuring a wide range of WiFi 6E routers, suitable for the iPhone 15 Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac and other products ahead of the holiday season. 

Products included are specific routers, which offer up quad bands of strong coverage, reduce interference, and deliver fast, reliable connections. They also include AiMesh compatibility, which allows them to be connected to other AiMesh devices, creating a whole-home mesh WiFi network. 

The router software has been updated to reduce latency, ping and packet loss for mobile devices, console and PCs, making it ideal for gamers. And for those wanting enhanced security, they also deliver mobile tethering and multiple VPN protocols. 

It provides a 6GHz frequency band for WiFi signals for operation, accommodating mobile gaming and resource-intensive applications including 4K game streaming. 

The multi-band capability enables simultaneous connections on different frequency bands for optimised performance, and it can be used for backhaul connectivity, maximising bandwidth capacity.  

For a large home, two AXE16000 routers are recommended for the full advantage of quad-band advancements, for seamless roaming across the whole home. 

The ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 is recommended for enthusiasts that want the most of their new devices, offering dual 10Gb ports, as well as dual WAN capability. This provides dual internet connections from two different service providers. 

This ROG gaming router boasts triple-level game acceleration, and features a dedicated private network for games, effectively minimising unreliable connections.  

A standalone WiFi 6E router is recommended for gamers living in an apartment or game in a specified area. The WiFi network can be extended however, with AiMesh technology. 

ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 is recommended for gamers with a larger home, as it uses multiple nodes to spread the signal from the main unit, serving as a network hub. 

The ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 is also recommended for those wanting a seamless roaming experience, as well as those working from home. It can connected to WiFi 6E, and get twice the speed for uploading, downloading, and transferring files. 

An ASUS extendable router is a WiFi extension, and provides network features for an entire network. 

For those looking for the most affordable during this economic climate, along with subscription-free security, the recommended is the ASUS RT-AXE7800 AiMesh-compatible extendable router. 

Mobile tethering is available in this models, along with all other ASUS routers that come with USB ports. It can also serve as a backup internet source in the event on an ISP outage, or act as a substitute for a 4G LTE/5G router. 

The ASUS router mobile app provides subscription-free network security, and ASUS AiProtection uses cybersecurity solutions and cloud data centers from Trend Micro to shield a smart home and all connected devices from cyber threats.  

One-tap Safe Browsing can block undesirable content without affecting performance, as well as securing online privacy and web browsing experiences. Settings can be customised for each connected device and monitor all connected devices within one app. 

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