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ASTRO Release Next-Gen Universal Gaming Headset

Logitech-owned ASTRO Gaming has unveiled its 4th generation A40 Tournament Ready (TR) headset and MixAmp Pro TR designed for pro-gamers and built for use with PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

ASTRO Gaming was purchased by then-rival Logitech in 2017 in a move that has seen Logitech G go from strength to strength in the gaming accessories market.

The ASTRO A40 TR Headset offers professional-grade audio solutions for gamers with an open-back headset, precision mic and customisable speaker tags.

To combat loud environments, ASTRO Gaming offers a Mod Kit (sold separately) which modifies the A40 TR to a closed-back noise-isolating headset with closed-back speaker tags, synthetic leather ear cushions, and voice-isolating microphone.

To level up the audio experience, ASTRO MixAmp Pro TR offers Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing and aims to deliver lag-free and interference-free gameplay sound and communication.

Offering “intuitive controls” and customisable game-to-voice balancing, volume control and EQ settings via the ASTRO Command Centre software.

To optimise team-based play with zero-lag voice communication, multiple MixAmp Pro TRs can be connected — what ASTRO refers to as “Digital Daisy Chain.”

“At ASTRO, we engineer premium products and experiences, using high-end components to withstand rigorous use by professional gamers in tournament environments,” stated Ruben Mookerjee, Head of ASTRO Gaming.

“We’ve spent the last ten years working with top console esports pros to develop industry-leading technology and world-class industrial design. In the latest generation of A40 and MixAmp products, ASTRO is proud to present our best performing audio system ever.”

The A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR combo for Xbox One/PC or PS4/PC costs $449.95, available from May and online at www.astrogaming.net.au.

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