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Aspera Launches Two New Cheap Phones To Combat 3G Shutdown Concerns

This year will see the complete shutdown of the 3G mobile network by all Australian telcos. Sydney-based Aspera Mobile, in an attempt to combat the concerns surrounding the shutdown, have released two new easy-to-use phones, the F50 flip phone (A$99) and the F48 candy bar phone (A$69).

With these two phones, Aspera has answered some key market requirements, including providing a 4G upgrade option for individuals whose basic 3G phone will stop working when the network is shutdown.

The two phones have different form factors but similar specifications, including Bluetooth, a loudspeaker, and an FM radio function.

The F50 is available in two colours, red and midnight blue, with a USB-C charge port, which is the charging cradle.

There are also indicators on the front panels that notify the user when a call or text message has been received, and when the phone is charging.

It has a handy torch function and a simple 2MP camera, as well as a 1,000mAh battery offering days of standby time, and an SOS button.

Below are the key specifications of the F50:

  • 4G and 3G connectivity.
  • 4-inch display.
  • 2MP rear camera.
  • SMS and MMS messaging.
  • 1,000mAH battery.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • FM Radio.
  • MicroSD Card (up to 32GB).


Below are the key specifications of the F48:

  • 4G and 3G connectivity.
  • 4-inch display.
  • 3MP rear camera.
  • SMS and MMS messaging.
  • 1,000mAH battery.
  • Bluetooth 5.1.
  • FM Radio.
  • MicroSD Card (up to 32GB)

The F48 is retailing for A$69 and the F50 is retailing for A$99. They are available from Big W, MobileCiti, Mobile Experts, Retravision, and convenience stores across the country.

Allan Robertson, Aspera MD said, “At Aspera we understand that some people want to keep it simple and not everyone needs all the functionality of a smartphone, nor the distractions that can come with being permanently connected. For these people phones that are simple and easy to use are the best way forward and those two features are perfectly embodied by the F50 and F48.”

“Let’s be clear, these phones have simple, basic but essential features. More often than not they are used by the young or elderly who simply want to make and receive calls and send and receive texts. That said, they play a very important role in the broader mobile phone ecosystem. We also usually associate 4G networks with smartphones and fast data speeds, but not everyone is looking for these things. Our view is that, with the added function of one-touch SOS calls and a USB-C charging cradle the F50 offers something completely different to a smartphone, especially for older people who want to keep things simple.”

Aspera is a homegrown smartphone brand from Sydney, Australia that creates easy to use phones for individuals who prefer keypads, cameras, and Bluetooth.

Additionally, they create rugged phones that are waterproof, shock-proof, and drop-proof. They also create smartphones that retail for as cheap as A$99.


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