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As Telstra Spruik 5G Samsung Is Moving To 6G

As Telstra move to spruik 5G Samsung is moving to invest in 6G which is a technology that US President Donald Trump wants US Companies to lead in.

Samsung has already established an Advanced Communications Research Centre, which will have the mission of creating a 6G platform for Samsung who is looking to take over from Huawei who had 5G edge in the 5G market but could not be trusted when it came to security.

President Donald Trump said last week said he wants U.S. companies to more quickly implement 6G and 5G wireless technology.

“I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible,” tweeted Trump, who went on to imply the U.S. was falling behind due to policies preventing the adoption of wireless technology from companies abroad. While 6G doesn’t yet exist, 5G is just starting to be deployed by carriers in Australia.

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung has begun its 6G imitative as part of the wider Samsung Research business unit with some tipping that Samsung is keen to work with carriers in the US, Korea and markets such as Europe and Australia to roll out 6G from as early as 2025.

A currently un-named official announced the news, stating “the current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network.”

In January, LG Electronics and KAIST announced a joint 6G Research Centre in Daejeon. LG has said it wants to use the research centre to pre-emptively secure technology for 6G.

Work has already started for 6G standards. In March, a small group of scientists gathered in Levi, Finland, to host one of the first global summits on the 6G Wireless standard. This was not the most of complex of meetings, though it was aiming to start work on the most important questions; why does the world need 6G?

The answer is relatively simple for the moment; we don’t know.

The technological and business case for 6G will emerge eventually as 5G gains more traction around the world.

As with 5G in the 4G era, forward-thinking engineers predicted the demand for increased speed, more efficient spectrum use and efficiencies to drive profitability. 5G does, of course, offer more, but you do need a framework to build on to start with.

This is what the initial 6G forays will be based upon, but it is important to understand what the short-comings of 5G are.

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