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ARM Processors To Deliver VR And AR Experiences To Next Year’s Smartphone Flagships

ARM has taken the wraps off its Mali-G71 graphics processor and Cortex-A73 processor, decked out to deliver virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to next year’s flagship mobile devices.

ARM states that the processors will provide “sustained performance and efficiency gains that will lead to new products with enhanced contextual and visual capabilities”, allowing “devices to run high-resolution content for longer periods while staying within strict mobile power budgets”.

ARM states that the Mali-G71 GPU enables a 50 per cent increase in graphics performance, a 20 per cent increase in power efficiency and 40 per cent more performance per mm2, scaling efficiently up to 32 shader cores, twice as many as its previous generation premium IP GPU.

ARM states that it “surpasses the performance of many discrete GPUs found in today’s mid-range laptops”.

Meanwhile, under 0.65mm2 per core (on a 10nm FinFET process technology), ARM states that the Cortex-A73 “is the smallest and most efficient ‘big’ ARMv8-A core”.

The Cortex-A73’s mobile micro-architecture enables a 30 per cent uplift in sustained performance and power efficiency over the Cortex-A72.

“The smartphone is the world’s most ubiquitous compute device, offering experiences that improve with each new product generation,” Pete Hutton, ARM executive vice president and president, product groups, commented.

“In 2017, we will see devices with the Cortex-A73 and Mali-G71 processors that stand out thanks to their impressive and sustained performance, and even more stunning visuals.

“This technology can make engaging with 4K video, virtual reality and augmented reality an everyday experience on a mobile device.”


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