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Arlo Brings Updated Chime To Australia

Arlo is launching its Chime 2 wireless doorbell chime into Australia.

The Chime 2, powered by mains AC, can connect via wi-fi to ring an Arlo Essential Video Doorbell (Wired or Wire-Free) or an Arlo Audio Doorbell; it can also emit a sound when motion or audio is detected by a separate Arlo video camera.

No base station is needed for the chime, which connects directly via wi-fi router and has a number of customisable doorbell melodies. An unlimited number of chimes can be linked to a single doorbell, and multiple doorbells can be linked to a single chime; this means, for example, that users can program their chimes with different melodies depending on which doorbell is rung.

It can also be silenced by selecting Silent Mode on the connected video doorbell.

The Chime 2 will release this month in Australia for $79, a $20 increase over the original Chime, at leading electrical retailers.

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