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Apple’s Vision Pro May Not Reach Ideal Form For 4 Generations

Apple employees who have worked closely with the Vision Pro, believe the headset could take “four generations before the device reaches its ideal form.”

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reported the news, citing “some people in [Apple’s] Vision Products Group” who work directly on the headset, as his source.

Four generations could be similar to the progression of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, however, it remains unclear if the company will follow these footsteps, releasing updates on an annual basis.

If not, it could mean five or six years, possible longer, before the Vision Pro reaches the ideal form.

A product like this would see improvements all over, especially in the physical form, meaning future versions would be smaller, lighter, and more comfortable.

Viewing experience will also gain improvements, as well as the EyeSight feature, which displays a digital representation of the wearer’s eyes to individuals in front of them.

A smaller and more powerful battery could also be unveiled.

Other improvements would include software enhancements and updates to eye-tracking and typing.

Gurman reports the current software “feels like a beta version” and suggests it’s “about a year away from feeling refined enough” for people to use daily.

Additionally, a price drop would be welcomed with open arms, as the device currently starts at around A$6,000.

Gurman said for now its “essentially a prototype — just one where you have to pay Apple for the privilege of testing it out.”

He also added that instead of replacing the Mac or iPhone, the Vision Pro would dent iPad sales.

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