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Apple’s New Studio Display May Already Be Outdated, Leak Suggests

Despite only just being announced, Apple’s latest flagship monitor, the Studio Display, may be old news before long.

Display analyst and leaker Ross Young made a statement on Twitter revealing that Apple’s new monitor may be proceeded within months by a mini-LED version, presumably called the ‘Studio Display Pro’.

Young claims to have “confirmed it with multiple companies in their supply chain”, going as far to say that “production has already started on the panel for the new display”. Thought to be destined for release in June, the ‘Studio Display Pro’ would likely be launched at Apple’s annual WWDC later this year.

Mini-LED technology is thought to be the future of high-end displays and is currently used in high end televisions. It would make sense for Apple to include mini-LED technology in their flagship monitors, as they already use it in their Pro Display XDR and lates MacBook Pro and iPads.

The mini-LED technology found in the latest Apple iPads
Credit: Apple

The current Studio Display is designed with creatives in mind but lacks certain features the target market may really need, such as HDR support and 120hz refresh rates, all of which would make sense to include in the Pro model.

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo however, has said that a mini-LED Studio Display is not necessarily on the cards anytime soon. “Apple may not launch new mini-LED products this year due to cost concerns”.

The newly announced Studio Display ships on March 18, and news of a new model is likely to follow soon after if it is indeed planned for sale soon.


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