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Apple’s MagSafe Duo Now Available In Oz

Apple’s MagSafe Duo has landed in Australia after it was introduced with no release date during the launch of the iPhone 12 series.

The $199 charger includes a magnetic wireless charging puck for the iPhone 12 and a charging dock for the Apple Watch.

It requires a 20W USB-C charger to deliver faster charging speeds, however users have already noticed it is not as fast as the regular 15W MagSafe charger from Apple.

The Duo can only charge at a maximum of 14W when paired with the appropriate charger.

It appears Apple’s physical stores in Australia don’t have a lot of stock, however the iPhone maker is shipping the charger to customers who order today by December 7.

While the MagSafe Duo is marketed for iPhone 12 models and the Apple Watch, Apple says the charger can be used for older iPhone models, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, the AirPods Pro, and other devices that support Qi-based wireless charging.