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Apple’s iOS 17.5 Update To Allow Feature Previously Unheard Of

While Apple prepares the launch of its iOS 17.5 update, claims reveal it will legally allow a practice that was previously unthinkable for Apple.

EU users will reportedly gain the ability to sideload apps onto their iPhones from web links, due to new Digital Markets Act rules that are now in effect.

The new Web Distribution protocol for developers will allow app makers to provide apps to consumers before publishing on the official App store or a third-party marketplace, which are also new and allowed under the legislation.

Sources found the feature inside the iOS 17.5 Beta 2, and Apple will reportedly walk users through the permissions developers are gaining, to continue downloading and installing from the non-official portal.

Apple will also be compensated for the new rule, according to claims. Reportedly, there will be a new Core Technology Fee of 50c per link for every download over the first million for over a 12-month period.

Additionally, the developer will be expected to register a web domain with the App Store Connect database, so Apple can watch what is being pushed to consumers.

Apple has said, “Web Distribution lets authorised developers distribute their iOS apps to users in the European Union (EU) directly from a website owned by the developer. Apple will provide developers access to APIs that facilitate the distribution of their apps from the web, integrate with system functionality, and back-up and restore users’ apps, once they meet certain requirements designed to help protect users and platform integrity.”

This change is expected to only affect EU users.

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