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Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ Command To Become Just ‘Siri’

Apple is changing its most used ‘Hey Siri’ phrase to just ‘Siri’ next year or in 2024 with the aim to simplify means of accessing Siri.

In his recent Power On newsletter, Gurman hinted at the change to come in 2023- 2024 after a “significant amount of AI training and underlying engineering work.”

The change to just ‘Siri’ is going to be a difficult switch to make since the current voice assistant system relies on the additional word ‘hey’ to pick up on tones, accents, and various dialects.

Another looming issue is of iOS devices picking up on the word ‘Siri’ from conversations, TV advertisements, etc. without the deliberate intention of users to summon Siri.

However, iOS users will simply have to wait and see when and how the change rolls out.

Apple is also planning to open Siri up to further third-party apps.

“Apple has also been engineering further changes. It will integrate the voice assistant deeper into third-party apps and services and improve its ability to understand users and take the correct course of action,” said Gurman.

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