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Apple Won’t Increase iPhone Production, Despite Sept Launch

With a new phone due, and key iPhone factories in China being forced to shutdown due to COVID-19, Apple has decided it won’t increase its production numbers from 2021.

The company has asked its suppliers to produce roughly 220 million iPhones, the same amount ordered last year.

Market forecasters expected an order closer to the 240 million mark, given the company plans to launch its iPhone 14 in September, but over a month of chaos in Shanghai has caused the company to mute such expectations.

On top of this, worldwide inflation, the ongoing Ukraine war, and continued supply chain issues has led Strategy Analytics to forecast a global drop of 2 per cent in smartphone demand.

Overall smartphone shipments plummeted 11 per cent in the same quarter of 2022.

“This year will be a tale of two halves,” Strategy Analytics senior director Linda Sui said.

“Geopolitical issues, component shortages, price inflation, exchange rate volatility, and Covid disruption will continue to weigh on the smartphone market during the first half of 2022, before the situation eases in the second half.”


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