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Apple Uncovers 44 “Core Violations” In 2017 Supplier Audit

Apple has uncovered 44 “core violations” of its labour and environmental policies, while auditing 756 of its suppliers across 30 countries.

Despite running one of the world’s largest manufacturing chains, the majority of Apple’s production processes are reportedly completed by contractors.

According to Reuters, uncovered breaches included the falsification of work hours, plus three instances of employees paying ‘excessive’ fees to obtain a job.

Over 700 Philippino foreign contractors were reportedly charged US$1 million to work for a supplier. Apple affirms it has forced the supplier to repay the fees.


The number of “core violations” also doubled, compared to the same period in the previous corresponding year.

Concerning compliance with Apple’s Code of Conduct, the number of “high performers” rose to a record high of 57%.

The quantity of “low performers” dropped to 1% – a notable improvement compared to the 3% recorded in 2016, and 14% in 2014.

Falsification of work hours increased by 9 cases in 2017, totalling 38 cases.

Compliance with the Apple’s policy of 60-hour work week also dropped to 94%, from 98% in 2016.

Apple claims the breaches are driven by the addition of several new suppliers, alongside better tracking methods. The Californian-based tech giant now tracks the work data of 1.3 million suppler employees, a notable 30% more than in previous years.

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