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Apple TV Plus Hungry For Original Movies

The point of difference for Apple TV Plus is that the streaming service has always produced its own original content. Now the company looks to be putting particular focus on producing feature films in the years ahead.

To bulk out its comparatively slim offering of movie originals, Apple has put former WarnerMedia executive Jessie Henderson on the case. Previously the executive vice president of feature films for the HBO Max streaming service, Henderson joins Matt Dentler, an ‌Apple TV+‌ executive who handles the original movies that Apple is endeavouring to produce.

It’s Apple’s hope that the exclusive movie drive will help to draw subscribers to the Apple TV Plus service as well as to the Apple One digital bundle – both increasingly important products in Apple’s portfolio, financially.

Apple has been making it known within the industry of its commitment to make at least 10-12 original films every year for Apple TV Plus. So that equates to a new movie premiere every month.

The streaming service continues its free trial periods, giving people more time to get hooked on the original content‌, in the hope they’ll lead to paid subscriptions.

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