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Apple To Replace ‘Pro Max’ With ‘Ultra’ For iPhone 15 Range

Apple is set to replace the ‘Pro Max’ model of iPhone with the ‘Ultra’, according to a new report.

As revealed by Bloomberg’s resident Apple expert Mark Gurman, the company’s biggest and priciest smartphone next year is expected to be the iPhone 15 Ultra.

This year’s range saw the ‘Plus’ branding make a return, whilst the ‘Ultra’ has debuted with the latest Apple Watch lineup, meaning having it feature on their iPhone range would make sense.

The name change is just the tip of the iceberg for next year’s iPhone range however, which is expected to get the biggest design overhaul since the 2019 iPhone 12.

As Gurman points out, iPhone’s have been following a “three-year redesign cycle” since 2016.

“Apple retained the iPhone 6’s look through the iPhone 8. The iPhone X’s design was kept through the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12’s form factor stuck around through the iPhone 14,” says Gurman.

There are obvious exceptions to this rule that mark a slow evolution, with the camera module looking aesthetically the same from the iPhone 11 until now, but it does indicate that the iPhone is due for a major design change.

With the new design, Gurman expects a move to USB-C charging following the EU passing legislation that would require all smartphones from 2024 onwards to feature the port, as well as several other “bigger changes”.

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