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Apple To Open World-First Floating Store

Apple has announced it will open its first floating store in Singapore, with the spherically shaped retail outlet laying on water in Marina Bay Sands.

The new floating Apple store will be the first of its kind in the world, and in the nighttime will glow a distinct reddish hue surrounded by illuminated colours.

Customers can gain access to the retail store via the boardwalk or an underwater runner which is connected to a nearby shopping centre.

Whilst an exact launch date is yet to be revealed, commentators speculate it may not be too far away given early marketing materials and teasers online.

9to5Mac has published early marketing materials which refers to the floating store as “the lantern on the bay.”

The store is said to include the “same measures found at Singapore’s other Apple Stores” concerning COVID19 safety checks, prompting speculation is launch isn’t too far off into the distant future.

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