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Apple To Bundle AirPods With New 2020 iPhones?

Desperate to hold onto iPhone sales Apple is set to bundle entry level AirPods with all new 2020 models claim sources.

According to DigiTimes “smartphone vendors including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are looking to bundle their new models with TWS earbuds next year.”

Some observers claim that Apple AirPods cost a few hundred dollars and have questioned the accuracy of the claims however the Apple AirPods are significantly over inflated when compared to similar models being sold by other vendors.

They claim that it’s hard to image Apple including such costly accessory in the box of upcoming iPhone and offer them for free, “Apple gives nothing away for free” said one observer.

The Apple AirPods Pro, which were recently launched in Australia with the much-anticipated active noise cancelling feature, are so popular and in high demand that the company has increased production according to sources in China.

So far, Apple has included the company’s basic wired EarPods which comes with a Lightning connector in the box. Those earphones cost Apple around $2.90 to manufacture they retail for just $39 on its website.

Analysts claim that ‘The only reason Apple could include AirPods in the box from next year will be to drive sales and be seen as offering value versus other brands” they said.

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