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Apple Tightens Tracking; Advertisers Move To Android

Less than a third of Apple iOS users opt in to app tracking, which is a big problem for advertisers who previous relied upon such nefarious means to target Apple users.

As a result, prices for mobile ads directed at iOS users have plummeted, while ads targeting Android users, who are perfectly fine with data-mining and tracking it would seem, have risen.

This is according to figures from ad-measurement firm Branch Metrics.

The actual data to quantify this shift isn’t yet available, as the new tracking rules were only implemented in April, and only on devices that updated to the latest iOS.

As of June 22, more than 70 per cent of Apple iOS devices had been upgraded, according to Branch Metrics, so more solid figures will be available shortly.

Ad-measurement firm Tenjin found ad spending on iOS mobile dropped by a third between June 1 and July 1, while Android spending rose 10 per cent over that same period.

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