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Apple store workers set for grand time with $1000 bonus

Christmas is coming early for Apple store employees in the US, with many set to score a one-off $1000 bonus next month.

This somewhat unprecedented move seems part of the path to get their retail outlets heading in the right direction in the wake of unsettling pandemic shutdowns and reopenings, though AppleCare and online sales staff will also benefit from the bonus.

But the full $1000 will only go to employees who came on board before March 31 this year. Anyone who signed on after that scores $500, while new staff members hired for the holiday shopping period only receive $200.

This is the first time Apple workers have received a major bonus across the company since 2018, when they pocketed $2500 in unrestricted stock units. That windfall came after changes to the tax system allowed Apple to bring cash back to the country from offshore account at a lower cost.

On July 27 this year, Apple announced a June-quarter record revenue of US$81.4 billion, up 36 per cent year over year.

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