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Apple Says Majority of App Store Developers Aren’t Opting For Outside Payment Option


In an ongoing lawsuit brought against it by Epic Games in the US, Apple has said that most of the major app developers aren’t opting for a new payment option that Apple is offering outside of its App Store.

What it has failed to acknowledge is that the option to go outside the app store turns out to be a more expensive proposition than its current App Store payment option – and flies in the face of the core contention that Epic Games has which is that Apple’s fees for in-app payments are very high and monopolistic.

In recent testimony provided to US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, she was informed that Apple’s decision in January to let all third-party apps sold in the US to include an outside link to a developer website to process payments for in-app purchases has received just 38 applications out of an estimated 65,000 app developers.

Apple will charge a 27 per cent fee to developers who want to use the link entitlement programme, but when combined with payment processing fees, the total is higher than the 30 per cent that it charges when payments are routed through its App Store.

Epic has argued that Apple’s latest revisions to the App Store’s rules don’t amount to meaningful changes, while Apple instead says that it has remedied a decision Rogers made three years ago for it to do so following a trial between the two companies, reported Bloomberg.

Rogers appeared to have agreed with Epic’s positions on the matter. “It sounds to me as if the goal was to then maintain the business model and revenue you had in the past,” Rogers said to an Apple executive.

In Australia too, Epic Games is in the midst of a heated court battle against Apple and Google arguing against their alleged monopolistic practices which force developers to reply on their platforms to process payments.