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Apple Said To Be Launching 15.5-Inch MacBook Air In April

Apple are believed to be launching a larger MacBook Air in early April, with a report stating the notably streamlined entry-level unit will grow to 15.5 inches.

This report is based on display tech supply chain news, and suggests Apple have already commenced production.

Still, this isn’t the first time suggestions of a larger Air – Apple’s cheapest and most compact laptop – have surfaced, with the same story floating around in March last year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also suggested an increase on the unit’s regular 11″ and 13″ versions in 2021, though Apple had apparently decided against it at the time.

Internal emails have also pointed to Apple considering a 15″ MacBook Air at the line’s origins in 2008. Industry talk now has it that Apple will again be offering two versions of the Air, going from 11″ and 13″ to 13.6″ and 15.5″.

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