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Apple Resolve Network Outage

Yesterday (21/03/2022) saw Apple run into issues with that network that interrupted use of their online services such as Apple Music, iCloud and the App Store.

Several users reported not being able to access these services which enraged Apple customers. To make matters worse, businesses with staff working from home we’re crippled by the outage, due to staff being unable to access internal sites, while retail workers were unable to complete tasks such as processing product repairs and item pickups.

Downdetector reports indicate that issues began at around 2AM AEST, which were resolved after a number of hours, indicated by an Apple website update at 5:40AM AEST.

DNS issues were stated to be the issue. This often occurs when a server fails to connect to an internet protocol address, largely due to human error.

While the US based tech company did not respond to requests for comment, they did state that a total of 15 services were down for “some users”.

Apple are known for prioritizing customer experience, and issues of this nature are rare. In better news for the tech titan is that shares rose 0.9% on Monday, showing that investors weren’t shaken by the technical difficulties. However, stocks have dropped 6.9% in 2022.

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