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Apple Plans On VR Content For Mixed Reality Headset

Apple is in talks with around half a dozen media partners including Walt Disney to develop virtual reality content for its mixed reality headset.

Developed with Sony Group, the headset will have two ultra-high-resolution displays to handle the VR aspects and a collection of external cameras to enable an augmented reality “pass-through mode,” the report said.

The tech giant was working to update its own Apple TV+ material to work with the headset, according to the report.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that the Californian giant was planning to unveil its first mixed reality headset this year.

MR is one of three types of extended reality technologies often associated with the metaverse. An MR headset could allow the wearer to use a real world object to trigger a virtual world reaction.

The iPhone maker’s MR headset is set to launch in this year’s spring event and will cost around $4270, according to the report.

That would be twice as much as Meta Platforms’ Quest Pro virtual and MR headset, which was launched late last year for $2135.

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