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Apple Plans New Health Features For Upcoming Watch

Apple has plans to introduce multiple new health related features on the Apple Watch for next year, along with a paid health service. 

There are talks of a new sensor, which will detect when blood pressure is elevated. The initial system won’t indicate exact systolic and diastolic measurements, however, the company has a follow up version in the works which could.  

The sensor will be coupled with a new blood pressure journal, where users can note what was happening when said hypertension occurred. 

There is also a new sleep apnea detection system expected, which will monitor a person’s sleeping and breathing habits, in order to detect if the user has the sleep disorder. If it’s detected, an app will recommend the user see a doctor. 

Later next year, a new Apple Watch is expected with an updated design to support these new capabilities.  

Apple are also working on other new features, which include: a feature to turn AirPods into over-the-counter hearing aids, a digital, paid health coaching system, as well as anti-anxiety and workout features. 

Along with the over-the-counter hearing aids, the company are also working on features for testing hearing. 

The digital, paid health coaching service is in development, and Apple is discussing the use of artificial intelligence and data from user devices to design individualised workout and eating plans. 

The anti-anxiety and workout features being explored will be for the upcoming Vision Pro headset. 

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